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Polo – The »game of kings«

Because of the number of active players in the British Royal Family in particular, polo is known as the “game of kings”. But it is also a fascinating sport which is attracting more and more supporters.

Since 2001, Berenberg has been an active sponsor of polo. The first tournament took place at the Hamburg Polo Club in the district of Klein Flottbek. This event has become a permanent fixture among the most renowned tournaments in Germany. Meanwhile, Berenberg is now probably the largest sponsor of this inspiring sport in Germany, and in 2016 it will be the patron of some of the most important polo tournaments in the country.

Every polo team comprises four players who play in four periods, the so-called chukkers, of seven and a half minutes each. To protect the heavily stressed horses, the teams have to replace them after every chukker. Whereas, the players have to take part in the entire match. Polo is a contact sport:  man against man, horse against horse. The ball weighs about four ounces, which players hit all over with 51-inch long mallets – whether sidewards next to the horse, diagonally under the horses neck or sometimes behind the horses body. 


The teams changes sides every time a goal is scored. This tradition goes back to the times where was played in the colonies colonial times, mostly in the late hours of the afternoon when temperatures were cooler. Playing into the low sun was a disadvantage. “Despite its speed and strength, polo is also a very fair sport – and this is also what accounts for its fascination,” says Dr Hans-Walter Peters, one of Berenberg's three partners.

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