The portal is a multi-bank enabled e-banking system for companies. It allows the integration of all German corporate accounts. Payment transactions can be viewed, initiated and authorised, so that you can coordinate them independently of place and time, and with the data security that you are accustomed to.

We also offer the portal as a smartphone app. This app offers a reduced scope of the portal‘s functions such as viewing and authorising payments. Additionally, it can be used for authentication purposes when logging into the portal.


The advantages of the portal at a glance:

  • All your German bank accounts at one glance
  • Web-based solution: No need to decentrally instal a software.
  • Central data maintenance: The clearly laid out overview of all accounts allows high transparency of financial processes.
  • Maximum security: Highest European data encryption standards such as EBICS and dual authentication using two end devices guarantee secure handling of highly sensitive data.

Are you looking for a multi-bank enabled e-banking system for your company? Then take a look at the advantages of the Berenberg Corporate Portal in this video.


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