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Berenberg Bank Charitable Foundation

Promoting culture

Hamburg's families and businesses have an established tradition as committed patrons of science and the arts, which has made the Hanseatic city Germany’s capital for charitable foundations. Over the years, Berenberg has supported many initiatives in this field. To mark our 400th anniversary, we established a charitable foundation called Berenberg Bank Stiftung von 1990.

Today cultural diversity and a sense of vitality are important factors influencing both companies and people in their choice of location. In its efforts to make Hamburg an even more attractive destination, the Berenberg Foundation focuses on promoting up-and-coming artists.

Head of Corporate Communications

Karsten Wehmeier
Phone +49 40 350 60-481
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Berenberg Culture Prize

Every year, the foundation awards the Berenberg culture prize of €15,000 to support younger artists and promote the city. The prize can be awarded to individual artists or groups from a whole spectrum of cultural activities, such as fine arts, performing arts, literature, music and film.

Berenberg Scholarships

The Foundation also supports individual artists and groups through the award of scholarships.

Support for the activities of the Foundation

Berenberg Bank Stiftung von 1990 is a charitable institution that can be supported in its activities by endowment contributions.

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