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Quantitative Asset Management

Berenberg's Asset Management division develops and implements investment strategies for institutional investors within a carefully controlled risk environment.

Today we are responsible for managing more than €17 billion* of assets on behalf of insurance companies, pension funds, businesses, family offices and charities.

We have a significant presence in the UK where we launched our Asset Management operations in 2011. Since 2014 we provide US institutional investors with our sophisticated solutions through Berenberg Asset Management LLC.

We have a clearly defined investment process, designed to be repeatable through all market conditions. This process enables us to make consistent investment decisions within a robust framework for managing risk. Our investment style is guided by a transparent and objective quantitative approach.

Comprehensive support

At all times we seek to help institutional investors achieve their investment objectives in precise ways. We take the time to understand their needs and are committed to delivering our investment expertise through tailored solutions. Our Asset Management division incorporates the work of three specialist teams:

The Relationship Management team is the first point of contact for all new partnerships with institutional investors. They are responsible for providing a broad range of services focused on creating long-term working relationships.

The Strategy Advisory team supports the Relationship Management team with all technical issues. It comprises experts across the various investment strategies we manage and is responsible for managing investment mandates.

The Portfolio Management team is responsible for implementing our investment strategies and monitoring performance.

As at 31/12/2015


Tailored investment solutions

Berenberg offers fully tailored investment strategies to institutional investors. They incorporate our quantitative asset allocation model, and we implement our investment views using a combination of in-house managed funds and customised mandates. This approach allows us to meet specific investment objectives in precise ways. 

The following two examples highlight the ways in which we develop and manage investments for institutional investors.

Overlay Management

We use four portfolio overlay strategies to manage investment risk. They comprise liquid derivatives (forwards, options and futures) to hedge underlying portfolio positions and provide tactical investment diversification.
One of the potential advantages of incorporating derivatives into portfolios is that they help to smooth investment returns by dampening losses during difficult market conditions.

Mutual funds

Through our range of mutual funds we provide access to equity, bond and total return investment strategies. We provide institutional share classes in line with our commitment to offering transparent and competitive management fees.

Multi Asset

Berenberg uses a proprietary asset allocation tool to create tailored investment portfolios for institutional investors.

Our flexible multi-asset approach defines target weightings for asset classes, which we manage dynamically to reflect changing conditions in the global economy and financial markets.

We express our investment views using Berenberg’s own range of mutual funds, which are run by our specialist and dedicated teams.

This approach provides us with full transparency on all investments down to the level of individual securities as well as being able to offer competitive management fees.

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